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Butler Market Gardens Using Waste to Produce Fresh Herbs & Vegetables Year-Round.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018
Butler Market Gardens (Aust) Pty Ltd ®

Butler Market Gardens (Aust) Pty Ltd ®, will benefit from the installation a 2.95-megawatt biomass boiler by Van Wyk Flowers, to support all year-round sustainable production of fresh herbs & vegetables.

 Biomass boilers operate by burning renewable organic materials such as wood chips, shavings and offcuts that would otherwise go to waste, to produce heat. The heat is transferred into protected cropping environments to assist plant growth when the outside temperature falls below optimum growing conditions.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) released from biomass during production of bioenergy is from carbon that circulates the atmosphere in a loop through the process of photosynthesis and decomposition. Therefore, production of bioenergy does not contribute any extra CO2 to the atmosphere like fossil fuels.

This project will replace 44,000 gigajoules of natural gas per annum.
Butler Market Gardens (Aust), has recently expanded its capability by adding this new site to its operations. They are a 6th generation vegetable & herb grower supplying retail customers nationwide.

Once the infrastructure upgrades are complete, Butler Market Gardens (Aust) will have the capability to produce more than 6 million retail ready herb products every year from this site.

Butler Market Gardens (Aust) CEO, Rick Butler says that “Sustainable horticulture is a key focus point of the company. We are committed to limiting the impact on the environment for generations to come, and ensure viability for the horticulture industry”

During winter, Queensland has traditionally supplied fresh herbs to southern states but at the expense of freshness & quality. The food miles and carbon footprint of this supply chain is astonishing, taking up to one week for products such as basil to reach supermarket shelves from harvest. Consumers have not been getting the expected value, quality & freshness.

"Our intention is to shake up winter supply of herbs for the Melbourne & Sydney markets by picking, packing and shipping our fresh products to our customers daily. We believe that we can offer a better consumer experience".

Lyndhurst co-tenants Feingold Flowers & Haar’s Nursey will also benefit from the biomass boiler project, with a 330- kilowatt, 1000 panel industrial solar system generating approx. 40% of the power requirements for site.

For more information visit the website.

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