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Wednesday, 8 November 2017
PMA A-NZ Media Release

Technology and innovation developments are changing the way the fresh produce industry does business. More mobile connectivity and tools are opening the door to better decision making, more insights and greater opportunities. PMA Australia-New Zealand is excited to hold its second TECH EVENT on 16th November at Brisbane Markets, Rocklea to explore new business technology and innovation case studies.

The morning-only event will show case a number of key developments that leading businesses are adopting to manage production, packing and operations, providing safer, more transparent and efficient supply chains.

The Yield is about using data to increase productivity. The Yield uses sensing technology to gather data which is then analysed to enable businesses to predict conditions and inform decisions. The most important thing to know about data is that it increases in value the more it is used, and it is key to creating process efficiencies across the food chain. The Yield’s Sensing+ for Agriculture™ is a great example of the use of artificial intelligence in horticulture.

GS1 is the organisation that manages barcodes globally, and many horticulture businesses are members in order to access a range of identification and data services. DataBar is enabling data transfer to be scaled down to fruit sticker size but there’s more to it that just getting some new stickers. With Australian retailers on board in recent months, now is the time to learn what the possibilities of this technology are and what the roll-out will look like. It’s happening now!

We need energy to run our supply chains and we’ve heard a lot about electricity and gas prices lately. Many businesses are considering what cost-effective energy options are out there, on and off the grid, and what other technology can be used to most efficiently heat and cool water for greenhouse climate control for fresh produce and flowers. We’ll hear from an organisation delivering the latest.

Finally, an effective sanitising system in packhouses is essential to maintaining the microbial integrity of our products as they progress through the supply chain, and there hasn’t been a lot of innovation in this space for a few years. There are now a number of businesses that have taken the plunge on electrolysed oxidising water (EOW), particularly for higher risk products, and they are reporting excellent results. We’ll find out how.



Richard Bennett, Head of Food Safety & Technology
PMA Australia-New Zealand Ltd & Fresh Produce Safety Centre A-NZ E:

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