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PMA Fresh Summit Annual State of the Industry Address 2014

Thursday, 6 November 2014 | Posted in Global Info Sources by Erin Hart

PMA CEO Bryan Silbermann and President Cathy Burns -- with tambourines in hand -- kicked off the annual State of the Industry address at Fresh Summit.

"That you're here tells us you are already connected to one or more of the four pillars supporting PMA's overall objective of growing demand for produce and floral," said Silbermann. "Whether connecting people to one another, connecting them to best practices or connecting them to consumers through research insights, this is the best-known expression of PMA's value portfolio... And the consumer insights we create through partnerships with world-leading research firms help you understand what's driving purchase behavior."

Burns emphasized the vital role of industry talent, as well as the importance of a diverse workplace. The PMA Foundation for Industry Talent is driving to address the need to attract, develop and retain talented people needed to change the trajectory of our companies.

"I am confident that attracting people and sharpening their skills is on the short list of every executive in this room," Burns said. "And our PMA Foundation is here to help you with tools at all levels."


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PMA - I Know Produce [Consumption & Nutrition]

Monday, 30 June 2014 | Posted in Global Info Sources by Erin Hart

PMA’s I Know Produce connects you to the facts you need to know most about fresh fruits and vegetables. As the produce industry’s most comprehensive online resource for information on 2,800 varieties of fresh produce, I Know Produce puts a competitive advantage at your fingertips. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information on taste, availability, PLU codes, nutrition, storage and handling, shipping, and much more.  Please note, your PMA Global login details will be required. 

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Produce Plus Magazine [News]

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 | Posted in Global Info Sources by Erin Hart

Founded in 2011, Produce Plus is the leading supplier of market news, information and analysis for the fresh produce business in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Melbourne and with a global network of contributors, Produce Plus always offers a fresh perspective on the industry, connecting with its audience via print, digital and live channels. Featuring a column by PMA A-NZ CEO Michael Worthington in each issue, PMA A-NZ and Produce Plus have now teamed up to provide a free subscription to each PMA A-NZ members company. Keep an eye on your mail box for the next edition! 

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'Veggycation' [Consumption & Nutrition]

Thursday, 14 November 2013 | Posted in Global Info Sources by Erin Hart

Veggycation provides a platform to strengthen consumers' perceptions of the value of Australian-grown vegetable products. The catalogue of nutritional and health messages developed in this project provides a mechanism whereby the vegetable marketers can start to differentiate their products in the market place.  

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PMA SmartBrief [News]

Monday, 1 July 2013 | Posted in Global Info Sources by Erin Hart

PMA SmartBrief, a daily e-mail news brief designed specifically for produce and floral industry professionals features summaries of the day's most important headlines, hand-picked — and all in a one place. This free service saves you time and keep you smart about your industry – and more effective at your job. PMA SmartBrief editors not only sift through hundreds of your "go-to" business sources like The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company, they also pull information from a range of global industry publications. Be sure to sign up today to begin rceiving your daily PMA SmartBrief.   

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