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6 Key Takeaways from Retail Consumer Panel

Wednesday, 14 December 2016 | Posted in Industry/Consumer Trends by Renee Harrison

With more than 160 attendees, the consumer panel format returned in front of the sold-out event to give retailers an opportunity to discuss how to best reach and connect with their audience. The diverse panel, composed of generations ranging from millennials to boomers, spoke about everything from the use of social media in purchasing decisions to where they hunt for new recipes.

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A Fresh Perspective on Global Produce

Thursday, 14 July 2016 | Posted in Industry/Consumer Trends by Renee Harrison

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Fresh produce is purchased by everyone, across the globe. Naturally, our produce shopping behaviors and attitudes differ from country to country. In a recent webinar, we explore and compare global consumer trends and behaviors in produce, the evolution of retail formats, and touch on the importance of health and wellness and branded produce. PMA and Nielsen Perishables Group translate these global trends into opportunities for both short- and long-term success.

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State of the Industry: 2015

Monday, 21 December 2015 | Posted in Industry/Consumer Trends by Renee Harrison

Industry trends, challenges and initiatives were the hot topics at the annual State of the Industry address at Fresh Summit by PMA CEO Bryan Silbermann and President Cathy Burns. 

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Highlights included an announcement to partner with the Entertainment Resource & Marketing Association (ERMA), and a video from First Lady Michelle Obama congratulating the industry on its work to promote fruits and veggies. The strategic alliance with ERMA aims to bring fresh produce center stage in television shows, movies and online entertainment. That partnership, along with eat brighter!™ and FNV, is one of several ongoing demand creation efforts by PMA to improve consumers’ health and combat childhood obesity. 

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Produce Trends in 2015: Executive Summary

Monday, 21 December 2015 | Posted in Industry/Consumer Trends by Renee Harrison

2015 Fresh Produce Industry Overview from Nielsen Perishables-Group for PMA

Globally, consumers continue to rank produce as one of the leading factors for choosing where to shop, according to a recent report by The Nielsen Perishables Group for PMA. This underscores the importance of fresh produce worldwide. Purchased approximately 3 times per week globally, fresh produce ranks as one of the most frequently purchased perishables products. One of main reasons for the popularity of produce is the importance consumers place on health, ranking it as the top global concern after the economy.

  • More than half the global households are attempting to eat more fresh foods in an attempt to lose weight
  • The most important attribute for global consumers is food without additives or modifications
  • Fresh fruit ranks 2nd as the most common global snack item with 62% of global respondents having snacked on fresh fruit in the past month
  • Vegetables rank 3rd as the most common global snack item with 52% of global respondents having snacked on vegetables in the past month. 

Analysing fresh produce sales trends for a variety of countries reveals that the frequency and spend of fresh produce ranges significantly. When fruits and vegetables were analyzed separately, some differences emerge:

  • In England there is a 60% higher annual spend on fruit than fresh vegetables.
  • In New Zealand shoppers prefer vegetables over fruits, with a 20% higher spend on the category
  • In Hong Kong consumers purchase fresh vegetables more frequently than any other country, nearly 1.7x the average
  • The U.S. falling at the lower end of both spectrums, showcasing opportunity for growth.  

What to learn more?

This summary of the 2015 fresh produce trends report is for executive and mid-level produce retailers and their supply chain partners provides insights about:

  • Shopper behavior with regard to preferences, frequency and average household spend
  • Channel performance with regard to sales and trips by retail channel
  • Produce trends, perspectives and recommendations for short and long term success 

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The culture of food: executive summary

Wednesday, 4 November 2015 | Posted in Industry/Consumer Trends by Renee Harrison

We are living in a food culture renaissance. Fundamental shifts in technology, travel, and trade have placed food back at the center of everyday life and popular culture. Food is fun and important. Interest in food isn’t just a Millennial trait but a reflection of evolving food culture. This overview of the Hartman Group’s Culture of Food 2015 for executive and mid-level produce retailers and foodservice operators, as well as their supply chain partners provides insights about:

• What’s driving new food routines and choices in our evolving food culture
• How produce marketers can support consumers’ desire for culinary exploration and variety

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