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Special Report: Building Blocks of Food Safety

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 | Posted in Food Safety/Traceability by Renee Harrison

Food safety is one of the chief concerns of all who work in the produce industry. When companies build or revise their food safety programs, they often ask, “Where do I start?” “What are the key elements needed for a comprehensive program?” “What food safety risks should I focus on?” To help answer these questions, Produce Marketing Association enlisted the help of noted produce safety expert, Dr. Devon Zagory, to write about the foundational elements of a food safety program. Any successful food safety program has to be built on solid practices in sanitation, training, maintenance, supplier verification, environmental monitoring, and operating procedures. With all of the food safety requirements coming from regulatory bodies, buyers, consumers, advocacy groups and others, it may be appropriate to call a time out to reconsider what the basic building blocks of a robust food safety program should be.

Download Devon Zagory's full report for five basic steps to achieve a food safety program.

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