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PMA Research: Personalised Nutrition Now and Into the Future

Thursday, 23 March 2017 | Posted in Foodservice by Renee Harrison

The market for personalized nutrition is widespread, fragmented and here to stay, according to Personalized Nutrition – Today and into the Future, PMA’s new report by the Hartman Group, commissioned exclusively for PMA members. This overview provides insights about:

  • How consumers currently personalize their diets, including technologies they use.
  • What the future holds for personalized nutrition and how produce marketers can capitalize on this growing trend.

As they live longer and better, consumers worldwide and across all generations recognized that food is central to their overall wellness and want to make food choices that help them feel their best. They are increasingly turning to fruits and vegetables as a tactic to maintain or improve health, creating a need for dietary information connected to their own personal needs. This cultural shift to a proactive approach to wellness cuts across all demographics and traditional consumer groups and has given rise to a growing interest in personalized nutrition.

Consumers increasingly want to be the expert on their own lives and their own bodies. As they seek more customized health and wellness information, they research a variety of specific topics – food, fitness, sleep, fun – to see what “everyone” is saying, ultimately they rely on their own assessments of how they feel to make decisions about their health and wellness.

  • 64% say they are proactive about their health
  • 68% consider themselves to be knowledgeable about their health/nutrition
  • 88% say they are responsible for choosing the right foods, not manufacturers  

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