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Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety

Monday, 28 November 2016 | Posted in Food Safety/Traceability by Richard Bennett

The Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety is a new essential resource for growers, packers, wholesalers, retailers, trainers, consultants, auditors, standard owners and regulators, ensuring greater certainty and consistency in the development, implementation and auditing of fresh produce food safety programs.

The Guidelines includes information and tools for use across the fresh produce value chain for Australia and New Zealand. FPSC’s consultation with the fresh produce industry identified this as a high priority investment.

The immediate benefits to the fresh produce industries in Australia and New Zealand is an up-to-date reference resource that supports the harmonisation of food safety practices and programs.

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Other resources available 

The Understanding the Gaps Literature Review Project (UtG) examines five priority areas identified by the FPSC in consultation with industry, government and the research community. It provides fresh produce industries in Australia and New Zealand with an up-to-date exmaination of the scientific literature and highlights priority questions for industry for further research.

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