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It is well known that fruits and vegetables are nutrition powerhouses and are the cornerstone ingredients of a healthy diet.  Motivating people to get excited about healthy, fresh food needs to be at the heart of every business and we believe that the driving force needs to come from the source.  With 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!', the fresh produce industry in Australia and New Zealand are working towards encouraging consumers to pick more fresh produce, for a brighter future! 

Australia and New Zealand chooses to 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!'

Pick Right. Feel Bright! was launched with great success in 2015.  Nutrition Australia ‘adopted’ Pick Right. Feel Bright! as the theme for National Nutrition Week 2015 and The Wiggles gave their full support as campaign ambassadors.  To celebrate National Nutrition Week 2015, Pick Right. Feel Bright! and Nutrition Australia shared recipes, tips and new ideas on how to add more fresh produce into daily meals. Campaign ambassadors The Wiggles also wrote a fun new song to get children excited about eating more fruit and veggies every day. The ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ song was released to hundreds of thousands of adoring Wiggles fans on Day 1 of National Nutrition Week via social media.

In total, through the networks of the Australian and New Zealand fresh produce industry, PMA A-NZ, Nutrition Australia and The Wiggles, the ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ message has been heard by nearly 2 million Australian and New Zealand consumers!

'Pick Right. Feel Bright!' was also awarded the 2015 Parents’ Choice award! in the annual Fame and Shame by Parents' Voice.

Do your bit.  Contribute and help consumers pick more fresh produce for a brighter future!

‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ is already working on a 2016 calendar of events and programs to continue spreading the message and encouraging everyone to increase their consumption of fresh produce. With the ongoing support of Nutrition Australia and The Wiggles, we aim to give a substantial boost to the current statistics that show that only 6% of people eat the recommended 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables everyday.  

PMA Australia New Zealand encourages all industry members to contrinute to 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!' and we encourage you to be as creative and energetic as possible! Let's share the message through every means possible and make Australian's and New Zealanders happier, healthier and brighter!  You can even incorporate the campaign into your marketing plan for 2016! Contact us to find out more

Click Here to learn more about 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!' 

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PMA A-NZ Resources

Whether it is the latest on consumer perceptions or consumption and sales trends, PMA A-NZ works to provide you with the information you need to grow your business.  Find out more about the latest resources and upcoming events featuring information on increasing consumption by clicking the buttons below.




PMA Global Resources

The PMA Global website features an Increasing Consumption Resource Centre containing the latest on:

  • Consumer Trends; offering you valuable insights into the minds of your customers.
  • Industry Trends; offering you the global information you need to increase the success and profitability of your business 
  • Packaging; giving you the insights and recommendations to determine how well your investments in current packaging solutions are meeting consumer preferences and expectations.  
  • As well as a full list of resources for increasing consumption. 

Click here to visit the PMA Global Increasing Consumption Resource Center.


PMA Global - Sesame Workshop eat brighter!™  Initiative

A marketing toolkit providing resources for the royalty-free use of Sesame Street characters for marketing by fresh produce companies, is now available to those who sell fresh fruits and vegetables in the U.S. market, including those who export from Australia and New Zealand.  

Who can use the toolkit?

The toolkit is currently available to those who sell fresh fruits and vegetables in the U.S. market. This includes companies who export their product from Australia and New Zealand if the products are being sold or displayed in markets in the U.S. and its territories. 

What does the toolkit contain?

Designed by the Sesame Workshop-PMA marketing task force, the toolkit will help fresh produce companies, including Australian and New Zealand exporters to the US market, to leverage this unique opportunity and includes:

  • eat brighter!™ : A tagline that draws parallels between the characteristics of the Sesame Street brand and fresh produce — using adjectives like healthy, brilliant, alive – with a clear call-to-action that drives consumers toward a brighter, healthier future.
  • Thematic promotions: The toolkit outlines several thematic promotions, offering turnkey programs for quick implementation by industry marketers.
  • Customisable options for brand differentiation: Recognising the industry’s need for differentiation, the toolkit was developed with a flexible and customisable approach, and similar to the Pink Ribbon campaign, allows for the creation of custom artwork and assets. 

Where can I find out more?

If you export fresh fruit or vegetables from Australia or New Zealand for sale or display in the US market and its territories, we recommend you check the following resources for additional information:

  1. Read the FAQs covering the Sesame Workshop-PMA initiative, here.
  2. Check out the success stories here.
  3. Check back to the eat brighter!™ webpage regularly for updates and additional information, at

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For further details, or for assistance in accessing the toolbox from Australia or New Zealand, please contact us here.

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