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Fresh Perspectives - Effecting Change

20 June 2018

Diversity in business is a hot topic right now. There are diversity awards and diversity surveys, and governments in many countries have implemented or strengthened diversity and equality legislation to ensure equal opportunity in the workplace.

And it's clear to see why. There’s a growing body evidence indicating that businesses with more diverse workforces perform better on a whole range of measures, from making more money to being more innovative. Businesses that embrace diversity and inclusion gain a competitive edge, higher market share and improve their bottom line. This can mean the difference between average or extraordinary and surviving or thriving.

We understand that diversity and inclusion will benefit the entire horticulture industry but it's not always easy to effect real change in the workplace.  The PMA A-NZ Fresh Perspectives - Effecting Change event is a practical and hands-on think tank analysing what defines an inclusive workplace culture and, more practically, shows how you can apply a working definition of diversity in your business.

The Fresh Perspectives - Effecting Change workshop is open to all Hort Connections 2018 delegates. Attendees will break out into several round table discussion based on their topic of interest.

We have identified a number of key issues around diversity and inclusion and narrowed it down to five key topics. Please choose ONE of these topics that interests you and follow the links below to the relevant information, tools and resources. 

  1. The Power of Inclusive Leadership
  2. Extroverts and introverts: How to get the best work from both
  3. How can workplace culture affect diversity and inclusion?
  4. Overcoming cultural differences in business
  5. How to build your diversity and inclusion strategy

All attendees are expected to view their relevant topic's content before the session to help you create positive change in your business.


Date: Wednesday 20 June, 2018
Time:  1.30pm
Room: Meeting Room 5, Brisbane Convention Centre




Topic pre-selection is required to help us plan for the event. Please click on the registration button below to select your topic. 








Following the PMA A-NZ Fresh Perspectives - Effecting Change worshop, attend the Women in Horticulture session to see guest speakers Rachael Robertson, Pip Courtney and Liza Dale-Hallet. 

PMA A-NZ and AUSVEG invite all Hort Connections delegates to attend their joint networking event on Wednesday 20 June from 3.30pm to celebrate diversity, inclusion and women in leadership. 


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