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Uni Syd student Adam Harber guest blogs following his PMA Fresh Summit experience

Tuesday, 1 December 2015 | Posted in Industry Talent by Adam Harber

Pack Family Career Pathways - Fresh Summit 2015

Adam was awarded a PMA scholarship to attend PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, USA as a participant in the 2015 Pack Family Career Pathways Program.

We caught up with him following the event to find out about his experience.  

What were the highlights of your PMA Fresh Summit and Pack Family Career Pathways Program experience?

The programme enabled me to experience many aspects of the American and Australian produce industry, giving an insight into every step in the supply chain. PMA Australia highlighted what the produce industry has to offer in Australia. PMA fresh summit demonstrated the sheer size of the American industry and all it has to offer. The two programmes also enabled me to network with industry members and meet other students that will have a future in the produce industry.

Has participating in the Pack Family Career Pathways Program changed how you view the fresh produce industry?

Before attending PMA I did not have much knowledge of the produce industry, and never considered it as a career pathway. After the two conferences I have secured a summer internship in the industry and will be looking for a graduate job in the industry when I graduate at the end of 2016.

What's next for you?

I am currently undertaking an internship during the summer break with a grower/distributer company. I am completing my undergraduate thesis on the sustainability and adoption of vegetable production using minimum tillage and permanent beds to increase soil health and yield. I will be looking for a full time job during the coming year to start in 2016.

How valuable was this experience to you?

Invaluable! Without the PMA foundation I would never have experienced the produce industry and what it has to offer.

The Pack Family Career Pathways Program is an initiative of the PMA Foundation for Industry Talent.

About Adam

Name: Adam Harber
University: University of Sydney
Degree: Science in Agriculture
Produce Industry Interests: Growing, production, agronomy, grower relations, technology, logistics.

  • 2015 PMA A-NZ Career Pathways participant at PMA Fresh Connections, Melbourne, Australia.
  • 2015 Pack Family Career Pathways Scholarship recipient, PMA Fresh Summit, Atlanta
  • Australian Council of Agricultural societies regional scholarship
  • Cotton Australia undergraduate scholarship
  • Student Ambassador- Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, University of Sydney.
  • Elite Athlete programme- University of Sydney.
  • Royal Agricultural Society Cattle Steward.

Contact email address:
Click Here to see Adam's resume

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As a 2015 participant in the PMA A-NZ Career Pathways Program at PMA Fresh Connections, Adam was asked to complete a project on "Sustainability ".  Click Here to view Adam's Project   

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