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The Structure of PMA Australia‐New Zealand

PMA Australia‐New Zealand operates with up to 12 elected unpaid volunteer Directors (up to 9 from Australia and up to 3 from New Zealand). The Board functions through a number of Task Forces which comprise a mix of Directors and non‐Directors (also volunteers).

Our current board members are listed below.


Board of Directors


Name: Andrew Francey
Company: OneHarvest
Country: Australia
Industry Segment: Processor/ Grower/ Shipper
Board Members          
Emma Townsend Fibreking and Oryx Automation

Name: Emma Townsend
Company: Fibre King/Oryx Automation
Country: Australia
Industry Segment: Industry Service/ Supplier

  Name:  Nick Fitzpatrick 
Company: T&G Global Limited
Country: New Zealand
Industry Segment: Grower/ Shipper
  Name: Rachel Audigé
Company: BrandExpansion 
Country: Australia
Industry Segment: Marketing Strategy
  Name: David Harris
Company: Harris Farm Market

Country: Australia
Industry Segment: Retailer


Name: Rocky Tassone
Company: Hydro Produce
Country: Australia
Industry Segment: Wholesaler


Name: Scott Davidson
Company: Woolworths
Country: Australia
Industry Segment: Retailer


Name:  Michael O'Keeffe
Company: LaManna Premier Group
Country: Australia
Industry Segment:  Wholesaler 


Name: Joe Craggs (Vice Chair)
Company: Tropical Pines
Country: Australia
Industry Segment: Grower/ Shipper


Name: Perry Sansom
Company: Compac Sort
Country: New Zealand 
Industry Segment: Service Provider

  Name:  Michael Franks
Company: Seeka Limited
Country: New Zealand 
Industry Segment:  Grower/ Packer/ Shipper



Darren Keating
    Renée Harrison 
Head of Marketing and Member Engagement


Richard Bennett
Head of Food Safety & Technology


Richard Bennett PMA Australia-New Zealand (PMA ANZ) horticulture  




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