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Pan-Produce Industry Partnerships, New Structure, Lower Prices for PMA Fresh Connections 2015

12 March 2015

Organisers have announced multiple industry partnerships from across the fresh produce value chain to present a...

PMA Global takes leadership role in new collaboration to increase consumption of fruits & vegetables

27 February 2015 | Washington, D.C. — Produce Marketing Association (PMA) today...

Frozen berries hepatitis crisis a ‘wake-up call’ for fresh produce supply chain

18 February 2015 | A food safety expert has urged companies across the fresh fruit, vegetable...

Upcoming Events

Shanghai | Fresh Connections: China

26 - 27 March 2015

“China is a dominant driver in global growth of fresh foods and by 2015, will represent 25% of total global...

Fresh Produce India - Mumbai

23 - 25 April 2015 | Don't miss out on the early bird The early bird rate for India's...

Young Professionals FREE Webinar | Marketing Strategies for Driving Demand of Fruits and Vegetables

9 April 2015 | Join fellow young professionals from around the globe to discover marketing...

Information Centre

The Power of a Brand Ambassador for SME food and beverage companies in Australia

19 March 2015 | It’s exciting to be an SME company in Australia, and the opportunities...

Large companies, individuals prepare for future of business landscape

19 March 2015 | Rapid advances in technology are creating a world in which large companies...

2015 Tech Talks: Innovation and Produce

17 March 2015 | PMA Tech Talks 2015 was a fast-paced learning experience featuring expert...

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PMA Fresh Connections 2014 Gala Dinner & Awards

48 photos

Were you spotted at the PMA Fresh Connections Gala Dinner in Auckland?

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